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    Quality Work Through Dedication

    With our specialized IT development & support team. We provide Computer Hardware, Network Infrastructure and Support, Computer Rental & BPO Services  to our clients as professional services

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    Understanding your technical needs!

    Zenobit Technologies is a one stop solution for all your IT needs in Siliguri, West Bengal. We’ve got you covered in all aspects.

    Residential Services

    Do you need your computer fixed at home? We send expert technicians right at your door-step.

    Commercial Sevices

    Zenobit Technologies, a diligent IT outsourcing company in Siliguri, West Bengal, is encompassed with experienced IT-consultants.

    BPO Services

    Inbound Call Support, Technical Support, Customer Service, Inbound Sales, Outbound Support, Chat and Email Support and more…


    Why Choose Us


    The best part is that most services including full diagnostics, virus removal, operating system and software installation and issue fixing , password resets, hardware and memory installation, and more is done instantly, on the spot. There is simply no need to take your equipment anywhere or wait at home for a technician.

    Safe & Secure

    We understand your business requirements and have created a safe infrastructure.

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    Quick Support

    What is a service without support? We’re just a phone call away!

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    Low Cost

    Nobody likes to pay more/ Just the right amount, thank you.